Client Forms

Included here are copies of commonly used court forms. If you have any questions relating to the documents, feel free to Contact Us.

Common Court Forms

Child Support Locator Document

Standard child support location form. This form must be submitted to the court if either party is requesting child support.

Proposed Settlement

Standard proposed settlement form. Clients involved in divorce or paternity disputes must fill out this form prior to the pre-trial settlement conference.

New Client Forms

Financial Declaration Template

Standard Financial Declaration required by Utah Rules of Civil Procedure 101. New clients involved in divorce, custody, support, or alimony proceedings must fill out this form under Court rules.

Divorce Vital Statistics Form

All new clients filing for a divorce must fill out this form and submit it along with their divorce complaint. The State of Utah uses it to track statistical information on divorcing couples.

Client Information Form

Client information intake form for new clients.