Spring Break Parent-time in Utah in 2024

Spring Break Parent-time in Utah in 2024

Many parents fight over who gets Spring Break parent-time in Utah each year because it can be confusing to reconcile how school calendars and the Utah Code work together. The standard schedule in Utah Code 30-3-35(13) says in even numbered years (like 2024) the custodial parent (whomever has the most overnights) gets the holiday break. The Code says it “begins at 6pm on the day that school dismisses for spring break” and “ends at 7pm on the day before school resumes.”

Where things get tricky is many school calendars say that Spring Break begins on a Monday, and some parents think that is when the holiday technically begins. It is not. The holiday begins the day “that school dismisses for spring break.” That is typically the Friday the children get out of school. So whomever gets the Spring Break holiday typically gets the weekend before and the weekend after what the school lists for the break (assuming the children are out that entire week).

While to some parents this might seem unfair that whomever gets Spring Break gets two back-to-back weekends, including Easter, remember that next year the noncustodial parent gets the holiday including any adjacent weekends. So over the course of two years the schedule treats both parents equally.

Bear in mind the foregoing is based on the standard Utah Code schedule for a child age 5 and up. Special rules may apply if you have a child under age 5 or live in separate states. Also, not every court order follows these standard rules. If your court order states something different or contains additional provisions then you should follow what is written in your order.

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