Easter Parent-time in 2019

Easter Parent-time in 2019

The Utah Code does not specifically address the Easter holiday. Rather it gives the Spring Break holiday period to one parent or the other in alternating years. In odd-numbered years like 2019 the Spring Break holiday goes to the the non-custodial parent.

Often the Spring Break and Easter holiday overlap and whoever gets Spring Break will also get Easter. But not every school schedule works this way. If they do not overlap then parents are ordinarily expected to treat the Easter weekend like any other.

Bear in mind these are default rules. If your court order says something different or provides more specific rules then you should follow what is in your order. Courts always encourage parents to discuss and work out their own parent-time schedules rather than rely upon court-imposed solutions. But if parents cannot agree on their own holiday schedule the Court will often adopt the holiday schedule found in Utah Code 30-3-35 which is a 50-50 schedule.

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