Is Limited Scope Representation Right for Me?

Is Limited Scope Representation Right for Me?

Do you need legal help but do not want to pay a lawyer to handle everything? We offer “limited scope” (also known as unbundled) representation meaning we can provide specific legal services for a set fee. For example, maybe you only want a lawyer to consult with you about case strategy, to draft a court document, review something you have created, coach you to represent yourself at a hearing, or appear in mediation or a court hearing on your behalf.

For some types of cases this can be an effective way to provide you with the benefits of legal representation while keeping your costs as reasonable as possible. However, unbundled/limited scope representation is not for everyone, especially for complicated cases.

Is unbundled representation an effective solution for your case? Give us a call today at 855-254-2600 for a free 30-minute consultation to find out how we can help.

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