Which Parent Gets Labor Day in 2017?

If you are following the holiday schedule in the Utah Code then the Labor Day holiday weekend in 2017 goes to the noncustodial parent. Utah Code 30-3-35(3)(f)(v) states in odd-numbered years the noncustodial parent gets Labor Day “beginning 6 p.m. on Friday until Monday at 7 p.m., unless the holiday extends for a lengthier period of time to which the noncustodial parent is completely entitled.” Holidays generally trump the regular parent-time schedule even if that weekend would normally go to the custodial parent.

If the nonresidential parent is following the expanded parent-time statute found in Utah Code 30-3-35.1 then that parent may keep the children overnight on Monday and deliver them to school Tuesday morning (or 8am if there is no school).

Bear in mind this schedule applies to children ages 5 and up where the parents reside within 150 miles of each other. There are special rules that apply to children under 5 or where the parents live far apart. Also, if your court order contains a different holiday parent-time schedule then you should follow the schedule contained in your order.

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