Thanksgiving Parent Time in 2020

Thanksgiving Parent Time in 2020

The “noncustodial” parent gets the Thanksgiving holiday in 2020 under the Utah in-state parent-time statute. The Thanksgiving holiday is defined as beginning Wednesday (Nov 25) at 7 p.m. until Sunday (Nov 29) at 7 p.m. However if you are following the parent-time schedule in Utah Code 30-3-35.1 then the noncustodial parent may keep the child(ren) Sunday night and return them to school Monday morning.

If your order follows the out-of-state schedule in Utah Code 30-3-37 then in 2019 the “custodial” parent gets the Thanksgiving holiday from Wednesday until Sunday.

Bear in mind this is based on the standard provisions of the Utah Code. Some court orders deviate from the standard schedule. If your court order does so then you should follow what is stated in your order. There are also special rules in place for children under 3 years of age.

Do you have questions about how Thanksgiving holiday parent-time works? Is your ex withholding your children from you? If so give us a call at 855-254-2600.

Our child doesn’t have school on Wednesday because of a teacher comp day. The NCP says they should get to pick up the child on Tuesday after school but the CP says they can’t pick up the child until Wednesday because Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday weekend so (2)(e)(ii)(A) doesn’t apply. What is correct pick up on Tuesday or on Wednesday?

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